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  •   Oil Industry Mud Pumps  (pump only)
    These heavy steel mud pumps have mechanical seals and if a hydraulic motor is used you can easily
    adjust the pump output.   These mud pumps can be driven by a gas or diesel engine, or a hydraulic motor.

1.  118 mud pump 1-1/2x2  8" impeller / 120 psi @ 240 gpm  -
$2,745.00 plus freight
2.  178 mud pump  2x3  13" impeller / 150psi @ 500 gpm  - $3,260.00 plus freight
3.  250 mud pump  2x3  13" impeller / 200psi @ 400 gpm -   $CALL plus freight
Water and mud pumps are selected based on flow, pressure output, and what fluid is being pumped.

Mud Pumps may be centrifugal, diaphragm, progressive cavity, and piston.  If you have large diameter drill pipe and
a large flow water swivel you will be in the position for the pump to work at capacity.

Mud Pumps come in all kinds of materials as common as cast iron to space age plastics.  The cost varies greatly
and the tried and true pumps will always cost more.

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